About Journal

The present era is the era of change, the era of transition, era of metamorphosis. It provokes the learners and researchers to discover something new and to invent that is not invented yet. It is the time to keep pace with the swiftly changing scenario. Every era has witnessed the alteration of ideas to create new knowledge. This research journal intends to provide a platform for all the research lovers to exhibit their innovative ideas and to explore new knowledge. Our institution is constantly taking g initiatives to motivate the intellectuals, professionals and students towards the research. It has also instigated the researchers to explore something unconventional and that may be beneficial for society. This journal is the first step and it has to do a lot. It seeks to foster researches in English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic Marathi and collaboration among professionals, teacher-educators, researchers, teachers and students. The aim of this research journal is to foster research and disseminate the multilingual knowledge with an objective to bring academicians and practitioners at a common platform. It also aims at projecting the quality research at international level. Multicultural and multilingual researches have been carried out from different geographical areas. Such interactive platform will definitely help the research lovers to understand and to propagate new knowledge. By means of this journal, the institution wants to develop the research culture among researchers and provide an academic platform to scholars all over the nation to publish their novel, original, empirical and high quality research work.